Applebee’s Bar and Grill

Barrie, ON


SIZE 5,290 sf
STATUS  Completed 2002


After successfully completing four (4) Canadian adaptations of U.S. prototypes for True North Restaurants, Applebee’s International commissioned onespace to provide complete architecture and interior designs for a new ptototype for Canada.  Barrie was chosen as the first location.

The design was to present a new image to the public, increasing its’ curb appeal yet maintaining continuity with past designs.

Internally a side base was required to create a transition area capable of serving dining zones while fulfilling traditional bar service needs.  The transition area was provided with an increased ceiling height and further accentuated with a foliaged canopy.  Finish materials from the dining area were repeated to continue the detailing.

Externally, the tranditional brick tower, corner window and signage repeated details from past designs with new concepts such as the patio roofing treatment, stone and vibrant stucco finish.