The Residences of Imperial Plaza

Toronto, ON


SIZE 45,862m2 / 400 suites/ 23 ST
STATUS Expected occupancy in 2016


Maintaining the unique architectural aesthetic of 111 St. Clair West (former headquarters of Imperial Oil), while converting to a state-of-the-art condominium community with over 380 suites, was the central mandate of onespace.

Conversion of such an iconic building required the design team to respect the essential character of the building while elaborating on the quality environment established in 1957; an era when modern design approached its zenith. When re-opened as the Imperial Plaza, the building’s transformation will be deemed an immense success if, quite literally, the man on the street doesn’t notice that the building has changed much.

With its limestone façade punctuated by its distinctive grid-like window treatment, the old Imperial Oil Building is by almost everyone’s reckoning an extremely “robust” structure with a strong emphasis on the vertical. To create balconies from the ninth to the seventeenth floor, on the south side of the building requires introduction of a second glazed wall facing the present limestone façade and removal of the existing windows. The new balcony space will lighten the structure on the south side.

Another change visible on the street will be in the mid-section of the building where the existing mechanical floors, presently covered by a series of distinctive opaque glass blocks, will be converted into loft apartments, where new floor-to-ceiling window inserts will create a decorative effect on the building’s face.

On the top of the building, the present observation level on the 20th floor and the two-story glazed curtain wall mechanical pavilion, above it, will also be transformed into truly magnificent three-storey high townhouses-in-the-sky with enormous 10’ wide terraces offering stunning vistas over the city. The new glazing—lighter and with a smaller frame size—will give the top of the building a very elegant new look.

Inside is where the true metamorphosis from office building to luxury condominium will be most apparent. But, again, in the public spaces—the grand entrance lobby, for instance—extraordinary care will be taken to ensure that the fundamental integrity of the original design remains intact.

The Imperial Plaza is an iconic building, one of Toronto’s outstanding architectural treasures, and it will remain so for generations to come.

The Residences of Imperial Plaza is preparing for full occupancy after nearly 6 years of construction. The ground floor retail shopping district is already open to the public.